There is no denying that exporting freight from the U.S. overseas is much easier and usually requires less paperwork than an import shipment will. Most of the time, only a commercial invoice is required to export goods. If you have a special needs export shipment then your freight may require extra documentation. An example of this is heavy machinery, perishables or oversized equipment.

If you have an export shipment that needs special handling please contact us for a quote and we will let you know how it can be done.

Need freight exported to to a remote area of the world? We specialize in complicated export shipments. There are restrictions in exporting certain types of freight to other countries. Our customs brokerage will ensure all export freight meets international shipping standards.


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When shipping cargo internationally, sometimes the destination’s government will have special requirements for freight to come into their country. Our expert customs brokers and freight forwarders will make sure that your freight has the necessary paperwork to avoid customs delays in any country. If you have questions about exporting freight internationally please contact us and we will do our best to help you with your export shipment.

Types of Export Shipments

  • Air Freight Exports
  • Sea Freight Exports
  • Full Containers
  • Less Than Container Freight
  • Export Cars
  • Export Heavy Machinery
  • Perishables
  • Live Animals
  • Door to Door Exports
  • B2B Freight

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