Below Market Shipping Rates from UK to US

Do you have freight that needs to be shipped from the U.K. to the U.S? Service Shipping Inc. offers the lowest shipping rates for LCL and full containers being imported from England into the United States. Read more »

Importing for Distributors - B2B Wholesale

It is common for distribution companies to import products into the United States. Even with the cost of shipping internationally, buying in bulk and importing is still the most cost effective way to make a profit per item sold. Read more »

How to Import 20' and 40' Containers into the United States?

Due to the cost of importing a full container, it is advisable to order larger quantities of cargo and ship less frequently. Shipping containers vary in size giving importers a few to choose from. Read more »

Requirements for Export Shipments to Mexico

All Goods must be marked with the shipper's name, consignees name, and individual items MUST be marked with the country of origin (Mexico). Read more »

What is a Customs Bond?

Only import shipments valued over $2,500 are required to obtain a customs bond. The bond is a guarantee to CPB to guarantee payment on any duty, fees and penalties levied by the Customs Service. Read more »


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What is a Customs Broker?

A Customs Broker is an individual or a corporation regulated and licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection(CBP). Read more »

How To Ship a Container Overseas?

There are several options in regards to shipping a container of cargo overseas. It’s not as easy as calling Fed-Ex to come and pick it up. In order to ship a container overseas it is best to have a freight forwarder or customs broker handle the shipment. Read more »

How to Import Heavy Machinery?

Need to import heavy machinery? Any piece of heavy equipment will most likely need to be shipped with special requirements. Depending on the size of the machine it may need to be partially disassembled or shipped internationally using a larger container. Read more »

International Longhorn’s Association ILA - Labor Update

In light of the recent issues in California, I wanted to write to provide an update on the current situations regarding the current labor situation in America’s ports. Read more »

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